Seacare Sailors Home hosts ITF coordinator and Young Seafarers

On the 16th of February, 2024, the Manila Sailors’ Home (SSH) was honored to welcome the ITF regional coordinator, accompanied by 12 young seafarers. This visit provided an invaluable opportunity for the seafarers to gain insight into the SSH’s offerings. Recognizing that many seafarers reside outside Manila, the SSH plays a pivotal role by providing accommodation during crew changes, appointments, and training courses.

The young seafarers, most of whom are new to the industry and eagerly awaiting assignments with major shipping companies, expressed deep admiration for the impeccably maintained facilities at the SSH. The recreation center, in particular, provided a comfortable and welcoming environment for seafarers to unwind and socialize with their peers from other vessels.

It was heartening to witness the camaraderie among these young seafarers, ranging from their early twenties to thirties, many of whom are recent graduates or preparing for their initial voyages. The SSH’s commitment to helping seafarers procure affordable accommodation during their training or appointments in Manila was evident, highlighting the well-managed facilities and services provided.

During the visit, the SSH also welcomed representatives from various shipping agencies as part of our efforts to extend the benefits of the Manila Sailors’ Home to their crew, who are integral members of our community. As a gesture of transparency, our SOS coordinator in the Philippines invited these agencies to tour the SSH’s rooms and recreational area, thereby familiarizing them with the exceptional provisions we offer to our seafarers.

Captivating moments were captured in the recreation area, where members can enjoy access to a computer, WiFi, Netflix, as well as a selection of snacks and beverages for their convenience. This visit further reinforced the SSH’s unwavering commitment to providing a supportive and welcoming environment for all seafarers.

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