SOS and SMOU host NSCU’s visit in Singapore 

In late August, SOS and SMOU hosted delegates from the National Chinese Seamen’s Union (NCSU), led by NCSU President Chang Lieh-Jong and General Secretary Hwang Hung-Chyi.  

NCSU’s visit to Singapore was part of a strategic effort to strengthen solidarity in the region. The engagement also served to study the best practices in Singapore and discuss key challenges in the maritime industry, including decarbonisation. 

The three unions pledged to collaborate closely and build on each other’s capabilities to explore potential initiatives to improve seafarers’ working and living conditions. 

NCSU’s visit to SOS on Aug 28 centred on gaining insights into its welfare benefits and schemes for seafaring members. The delegation also had the opportunity to tour The Seacare Hotel, which played a key role as a dedicated crew-change facility for seafarers during the pandemic. 

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