SOS sets aside another $1.1M to defray safe crew change cost

SOS has set aside another S$1.1 million, in the form of meals and accommodation e-vouchers, to help shipping companies defray crew change cost at The Seacare Hotel.

This is on top of the S$1.5 million worth of e-vouchers, which was set aside for crew changes in July 2020, set to expire after 31 March 2021.

“With a prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, shipping companies may continue to face challenges in managing their cash flows and meeting their financial obligations. SOS is committed to ensure safe and comfortable accommodation for seafarers during crew changes while helping shipping companies defray operation overheads through the extension of the SSS e-vouchers” – Mr Kam Soon Huat, SOS President.

Terms of usage for the e-vouchers remain unchanged:

  • Shipping companies covered with a valid SOS Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and participating in Seacare Sailors’ Home Scheme (SSS) can use the SSS e-vouchers to redeem full board accommodation at The Seacare Hotel.
  • CBA shipping companies not participating in SSS will be offered a special room rate at 20 per cent discount and SOS will sponsor three meals per day for their seafarers staying at The Seacare Hotel.
  • For shipping companies that do not have CBA with SOS, the Union will also sponsor three meals per day for their seafarers housed at The Seacare Hotel.

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