Spreading festive cheer at sea

In December 2023, SOS IROs embarked on a heartfelt mission to bring festive cheer to seafarers. Demonstrating their commitment and care, the IROs spent the entire month visiting vessels, extending the warmth of the holiday spirit to those at sea. They also personally delivered Christmas log cakes, a traditional festive treat, along with carefully selected gifts to the seafarers on board.

The initiative was more than a simple distribution of gifts; it was a powerful gesture of recognition from SOS, who acknowledged the unique and often overlooked challenges faced by seafarers, especially during the festive season.

Being away from home and family during such a significant time of the year is a common reality for these maritime professionals; such simple visits served to alleviate the isolation associated with their profession.

These visits not only boosted seafarers’ morale but also highlighted the importance of mental and emotional well-being in the maritime industry. It reinforced the message that despite the physical distance from their loved ones, the seafarers are not forgotten and remain an integral part of the broader maritime family.

To further spread festive joy, SOS hosted a Christmas celebration at the Seacare Drop-In Centre for International Seafarers at Pasir Panjang Terminal on Dec 21, joined by maritime personnel from the Mission to the Seafarers and SMOU. The celebration strengthened the sense of community among seafarers, especially during major festivities such as Christmas.

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