Introducing the NeuroLAT Cognitive Assessment Tool

The NeuroLAT Cognitive Assessment Tool, an A.I. powered diagnostic tool for youths and gifted children to ascertain their exact level of learning abilities, was developed by Dr Ng Meng Lek.

This assessment tool is the World’s First Proven Accelerated A.I. Powered Cognitive Program, and only takes 2-5 hours to complete. While the assessment is priced at $900, there is a special price of $199 for Samudra readers.

A student aged 9 had been failing Mathematics in school for the past 2 years, partly because of a weaker left brain. Enrichment and remedial classes did not help. As a result, this student was demoralised and felt a sense of defeat.

However, after undergoing the NeuroLAT Training Program, this student’s left and right brain can now function in tandem and learns like a sponge. All grades have also improved to more than 80 or 90 marks within 2 years.

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