Seacare Co-operative Ordinary Members Receive Seacare 25th Anniversary Gift Vouchers

Ordinary members of Seacare Co-operative were awarded gift vouchers as part of the Co-operative’s 25th Anniversary Celebration.

At $1.75 worth of gift vouchers per share with the total value rounded up to the nearest $5, members were eligible to receive vouchers ranging from $20 to $790.

While some members received their vouchers via registered mail, others personally collected them from the Seacare office beginning from 1 November 2019.

Mr Oh Wah Keng, who was sincerely touched by the gift, said “I applaud the effort of the Management and staff for building the Co-operative and Union to what they are today. I look forward to the next generation of leaders who will think of new ideas to serve members who are and were seafarers.”

Mr Jamhar B similarly echoed “I am very happy to receive the gift voucher. Thank you, Seacare and SOS, for the kind gesture.”

Thank you for your support all these years!