Seafarers' wages and compensations to raise starting 2022

a man in a manhole on a cargo ship

The ITF and the Joint Negotiating Group (JNG) representing maritime employers successfully concluded negotiations for seafarers’ wage increase in September.

The negotiations, part of the International Bargaining Forum (IBF) framework, were challenging due to profit variations and increased operational costs amid the pandemic. Both parties, however, acknowledged seafarers’ sacrifices to keep global trade moving despite being unable to return home after their contracts expire and having no wage raise this year.

What’s been agreed
• Wages and compensations up 3% from 1 Jan 2022
• Wages and compensations up 1.5% from 1 Jan 2023
• JNG members’ rebate from the ITF Welfare Fund up 20% to contribute to the IBF Seafarers Support Fund

“Seafarers showed exceptional commitment in the past 18 months, despite facing setbacks such as the denial of emergency medical treatment and the crew change crisis, therefore, we are proud we have managed to deliver increases to seafarers’ income. Their daily sacrifices to keep supply chains moving, delivering the goods critical to our recovery to billions of consumers and businesses are recognised,” ITF Seafarers’ Section Chair David Heindel, who chaired the negotiation

JNG spokesperson Captain Belal Ahmed echoed Heindel’s view that the industry was thanking seafarers in very real terms. “Employers in the maritime industry, the shipowners, the management agents: the difficult and stormy waters of this pandemic have brought us closer to the crew. We see the sacrifices they have made, and, where within our means as businesses committed to being around in the future: we have endeavoured to recognise the seafarers’ efforts.”

“This is an important outcome not only for seafarers but all maritime workers, as it shows commitment from reputable employers to the continued global collective bargaining process that is essential for the global supply chain,” ITF President Paddy Crumlin.

The IBF framework agreement sets the terms, conditions and wages for the world’s international seafarers working aboard vessels flying the flag of an open register designated as flag of convenience by the ITF.

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