Presenting Slop Chest Gift Vouchers to SOS Filipino Members

SOS presented Peso 3,000,000 (estimated SGD 80,000) worth of gift vouchers as a year end gift to 1,500 eligible Filipino members for them to exchange for subsidised grocery and daily necessities at Slop Chest. Members are advised to self-collect their vouchers from the Seacare’s Representative Office, LSA Consultancy and Management Services Inc in Manila. Collection period in until 31 March 2020.

The pilot run in Manila has received positive feedback and SOS is looking into covering more Slop Chest branches in other parts of the Philippines. Slop Chest is a popular chain of convenient stores managed by AMOSUP (Associated Marine Officers’ and Seamen’s Union of the Philippines).

The number of SOS Filipino members has been increasing gradually over the years and they now made up more than 50% of the SOS membership strength.

“SOS has established the Seafarers’ Provident Fund, Seacare Medical Scheme and Seacare Sailors Home Schemes to look after the welfare of our Filipino members. The Union also organises social events and seminars in the Philippines to benefit our members. But we want to do more,” said SOS General Secretary Daniel Tan.