SOS to Set Aside More Than S$1.5million to Help in Crew Change During COVID-19

crew change crew changeTo support safe crew changes and the shipping companies during the COVID-19 pandemic, SOS will be setting aside more than S$1.5million to help defray the cost of accommodation and meals for seafarers staying at the Seacare Hotel, one of the designated holding facilities to accommodate signing on/off crew in the port of Singapore.

Shipping companies participating in the Seacare Sailors’ Home Scheme (SSS) can utilise the SSS e-vouchers to redeem full board accommodation at the Seacare Hotel. SOS will double the e-voucher entitlements of each qualified shipping company during this period. For shipping companies that do not have collective bargaining agreements with SOS, SOS will sponsor three meals daily for their crew housed at the Seacare Hotel.

Mr Kam Soon Huat, SOS President, said: “Seacare, as a co-operative set up by a seafarers’ union, knows what it takes to look after the welfare of seafarers. Seacare Hotel is a natural choice because the maritime industry knows that the hotel is for seafarers. We want to show our appreciation to seafarers who are the essential frontline workers and encourage the shipping companies during these challenging times. The enhancement of the Seacare Sailors Home Scheme is our way of saying that we are in this together.”

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