Bridging language gaps for global seafaring


The Singapore (Nantong) International Maritime Institute (SNIMI) held two batches of the Seacare Quality Rating Training (SQRT) from June 19 to July 14, 2023.

The four-week program aimed to boost the English proficiency of 46 trainees, aged between 28 and 44, to enable them to work effectively on vessels. Most of these trainees came from Jiangsu Province, with one travelling from as far as Inner Mongolia, highlighting the programme’s broad reach and appeal.

The SQRT curriculum integrated the International Phonetic Alphabet into daily readings and offered practical onboard training. The trainees lauded the comprehensive curriculum. Mr Cheng Feng, a 31-year-old AB from Shanxi, credited his progress to the supportive learning environment and the trainers’ professional expertise.

Mr Li Han Zhang, a 35-year-old OS from Jiangsu, emphasised the importance of lessons on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Fire Fighting Appliances (FFA), noting their potential life-saving applications in emergencies. The positive feedback from trainees attests to SQRT’s role in transforming Maritime English from a barrier into a bridge to new career opportunities.

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