Post Covid-19: All 11 Seacare UK Hotels Are Slowly Reopening

When the UK was still in lockdown phase a few months ago, Camarthen’s Ivy Bush Hotel accommodated National Health Service (NHS) medical teams from Glangwili General Hospital. This move was well-received, especially by district government office Carmarthenshire Council.

As the country reopens with hotels and hospitality businesses among the first to resume operation, all 11 Seacare hotels have opened their doors to the public and international tourists. That’s not, however, without proper safety measures implemented—under the Compass Guard Health and Safety Programme—to minimise the spread of COVID-19; ensuring everyone can have a safe and fun time at the hotels.

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SOS Samudra: Seacare UK Hotels

Image Credit: Scarborough Crown Spa Hotel (Facebook)

SOS Samudra: Seacare UK Hotels

Image Credit: Scarborough Crown Spa Hotel

Since 4 July 2020, hotels and hospitality businesses in the United Kingdom have started to open their doors. Hotels were among the first to shut down when lockdown restrictions were introduced in March 2020.

During the lockdown period, the Ivy Bush Royal Hotel remained open to provide safe and secure accommodation to National Health Service (NHS) junior doctors from the Glangwili General Hospital and supported NHS with 1634 room nights. The hospitality team did such an excellent job in taking care of the health care professionals that their efforts were lauded by district government office Carmarthenshire Council.

As hotels in the UK are given the go-ahead to reopen, all 11 Seacare owned/co-owned properties – Columba Hotel, Crown Spa Hotel and Citrus Hotel Eastbourne, just to name a few – have opened their rooms and facilities to local and international tourists. More than ever before, they are stepping up their game to take extra measures in keeping guests staying in the hotel safe.

The hotels have undertaken a number of additional safety measures to minimise the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure its hotels are safe for everyone. It has invested in the training and development of its team members under the Compass GUARD health and hygiene programme.

Guests may notice some safety measures in place. For instance, digitising all hotel room keys and restaurant menus; opening up hotel facilities for pre-books only, and adopting strict staff health and temperature checks.

Barring any restrictions or limitations to a guests’ stay experience for health and safety, the opportunity for a staycation after spending the entirety of lockdown facing four walls is a welcome respite. The Seacare hotels are ready to receive guests in a post-COVID world.

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